Singlemode Variable Optical Attenuator

The use of the MPS-2500 Singlemode Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is critical whenever optical system loss budgets need to be varied to compensate for wavelength dependant losses, perform bit error rate (BER) testing and enhance optical receiver performance in the presence of high power levels. The MPS-2500 VOA is an adjustable attenuator that offers some great performance features over competing VOA’s. Specifically, the MPS-2500 does not utilize any form of air-gap in the optical pathway. This ensures optimum system return loss and attenuation vs. wavelength flatness. Our Variable Optical Attenuator offers multi-wavelength capability to support WDM, CWDM and DWDM network applications with an attenuation range up to 40 dB. The MPS-2500 is made exclusively with Corning fiber and connectors for superior performance. In addition to the standard inset flathead screw, our VOA has a thumbscrew that can be used to adjust attenuation. This makes adjusting the attenuation in a tight spot nearly effortless and reduces the chance of damaging a surrounding component with a screwdriver. The MPS-2500 Singlemode Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is available with 250 μm bare, 900 μm buffered or 3mm jacketed fiber leads and can be supplied with or without connectors. Every assembly meets Telcordia standards, is tested for insertion and return loss, and is supplied with an individual test record sheet. Below is a convenient part number generator or call us for immediate assistance.
MPS-2500  Singlemode Variable Optical Attenuator
MPS-2500 Singlemode Variable Optical Attenuator
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  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • CATV Systems
  • EDFA Transmission Systems
  • Digital, Hybrid and AM-Video
  • RF/Analog Antenna Links


  • Wide Operating Bandwidth
  • Sealed Rugged Construction
  • Customer Specified Connectors & Lead Lengths
  • Corning Fiber and Corning Connectors Exclusively
  • Excellent Environmental Stability
  • Flathead Thumbscrew Adjustable
  • Fully Tested with One Year Warranty

Optical Parameters

Spec Value
Operating Wavelength 1260 nm – 1650 nm
Attenuation Range > 40.0 dB
Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB
Back Reflection > -70 dB
Attenuation Resolution 0.01 dB to 0.2 dB
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions 2″L x 1.625″W x 0.5″H
Mounting 4- 0.116″ diameter Thru Holes


Refer to the MPS-2500 Data Sheet for full specifications.