Singlemode Optical Terminator

The MPS-2200 Singlemode Optical Terminator is a wideband, wavelength independent component designed to eliminate back reflections from unused optical ports on fiber optic systems. The use of Optical Terminators is essential in minimizing optical back reflections in fiber systems that deploy switches, couplers and Wave Division Multiplexers. The MPS-2200 Singlemode Optical Terminator is offered in two different styles; the first is integrated into a Corning singlemode optical connector and is offered in any of the following connectors: ST, FC, SC, LC, FC/APC, and SC/APC. The second is a pigtail that can be spliced onto an existing fiber. It is offered with a variety of fiber types and at any length. A multimode version is available; the part number is MPS-2250.
MPS-2200 Singlemode Optical Terminator
MPS-2200 Singlemode Optical Terminator
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  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • CATV Systems
  • EDFA Transmission Systems


  • Superior Return Loss
  • Connector or Pigtail Versions
  • Wideband, Wavelength Independent Performance (1260-1650nm)
  • Compact Design

Optical Parameters

Spec Value
Wavelength Range: 850- 1650 nm
Return Loss (typical): >50dB
Size: Connector Length plus Boot


Refer to the MPS-2200 Data Sheet for full specifications.