Singlemode Inline Optical Attenuator

The MPS-2100 Singlemode In-line Optical Attenuator is a “fixed value” attenuator that is integrated into a standard fiber optic jumper cable. MPS-2100 Singlemode In-line Optical Attenuators utilize Corning fiber and are offered in two different connector brands; Our Corning line is built using Corning connectors and our Value line uses quality connectors at a substantial discount. They are available in a single window or dual window format with an attenuation value up to 25 dB. The In-Line Attenuator is available in fiber diameters of 250 micron, 900 micron or 3mm and comes integrated into any length jumper. It can be supplied with or without connectors, or as a pigtail version. Every assembly exceeds Telcordia standards and is tested for insertion and return loss. In addition, each attenuator is individually tested and is supplied with it’s individual test record sheet.
MPS-2100 Singlemode Inline Optical Attenuator
MPS-2100 Singlemode Inline Optical Attenuator
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  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • CATV Systems
  • EDFA Transmission Systems


  • All Fiber Construction
  • In-line Configuration
  • Wideband

Optical Parameters

Spec Single Window Dual Window
Attenuation 1 to 25 dB +/-5% 1 to 25 dB +/-5%
Polarizations Loss (PDL) < .15dB < .15dB
Back Reflection < -65.0 dB < -65.0 dB
Operating Wavelength 1310 +/- 50nm 1260 +/- 50nm
1550 +/- 50nm 1650 +/- 50nm
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC -40ºC to +85ºC


Refer to the MPS-2100 Data Sheet for full specifications.