Dead Zone Eliminating Launch Box – Pouch

The MP-0800 Launch Box is a Dead Zone Eliminator that can be attached to the launch and/or receive terminals of an OTDR test set to allow accurate measurement of the first and last connector in the cable plant. The Dead Zone Eliminator is a suitable length of fiber that allows the large UPC reflection at the OTDR interface to decay naturally while providing the natural fiber attention slope required for an accurate measurement. If only unidirectional OTDR measurements are required, a second Dead Zone Elimiator can be connected to the last fiber in the cable plant to obtain an accurate measurement of the connector insertion and return loss. The MP-0800 Launch Boxes are available in standard size Pelican boxes or in a soft pouch (500 meter fiber length or less) with your choice of fiber length, type, count, connectors, and furcation.
MPS-0800 Dead Zone Eliminating Launch Box - Pouch
Dead Zone Eliminating Launch Box – Pouch
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  • OTDR Measurements
  • Pulse Suppression
  • Delay Lines


  • Cases Protect and Manage Fiber
  • Insertion and Return Loss Tested
  • Serialized and Individual Test Records
  • Guaranteed Zero Defects


Spec   Value
Connector Insertion Loss UPC or APC 0.3 dB Typical, 0.5 dB Max
Connector Return Loss UPC > 55 dB
APC > 65 dB
End Face Geometry Meets or Exceeds all Telcordia GR-326 Requirements
Sample Mechanical Dimensions Medium Pelican 1150 Case 7.5” x 9.25” x 4.3”
Small Pelican 1050 Micro Case 5.0” x 7.9” x 3.1”
Zippered Soft Pouch 4.5” x 4.3” x 1.8”


Refer to the MPS-0800 Data Sheet for full specifications.