Mode Conditioning Cable/ Gigabit Launch Cable

The MPS-2600 Optical Mode Conditioning / Gigabit Launch Cable is designed to support Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-LX network upgrades. The MPS-2600 is made with Corning Fiber and is offered in two different connector types. Our Corning Line utilizes all Corning connectors and our Value line uses quality low-cost connectors. Every assembly meets Telcordia standards and is individually tested for insertion and return loss. In addition, each cable is supplied with a test record sheet. These environmentally stable mode conditioning cables are compliant with the IEEE 802.3 application standard and possess the same quality that every MPS product delivers. The unit is conveniently packaged as a standard duplex cable assembly with the option of either a streamlined conformal package or an injection molded case with mounting holes. Below is a part number generator for typical configurations including our new MTRJ and High-speed 4G/10G (50/125 um multimode fiber) Mode Conditioners.
MPS-2600 Mode Conditioning Cable/ Gigabit Launch Cable
MPS-2600 Mode Conditioning / Gigabit Launch Cable
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  • Insertion & Return Loss Tested
  • Serialized & Individual Test Records
  • Guaranteed Zero Defects
  • Mode Conditioner
  • Meets Telcordia Endface Geometry Requirements
  • Compliant With IEEE 802.3 Application Standard

Optical Parameters

Spec Value
Typ. Multimode Insertion Loss (per connector) < 0.25 dB
Typ. Singlemode Return Loss (per connector) < – 55.0 dB
Typ. Singlemode Insertion Loss (incl. SM to MM splice) < 0.50 dB


Refer to the MPS-2600 Data Sheet for full specifications.