Interfacility Distribution Cable

The MPS-1500 Interfacility Link (IFL) Distribution Cable is an indoor rated, connectorized cable assembly that is used within a building to connect a fiber feeder splice point to an optical connector distribution panel. The IFL cable assembly can be configured with plenum or riser-rated singlemode or multimode cable. A hybrid of singlemode and multimode cable is also available. It may be ordered with a pulling eye / protective sleeve that makes installing easier and provides physical protection of the connectors during installation. The cable can be terminated with connectors at one or both ends in conjunction with various styles of fan-out kits at any breakout length. As with every MPS assembly, each connector is tested. The cable is serialized and ships with a test record sheet specific to that cable.
MPS-1500 Interfacility Distribution Cable
MPS-1500 Interfacility Distribution Cable
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  • Singlemode, Multimode or Hybrid Multi-Fiber Cable
  • 6 to 288 Count Fiber Available
  • Integrated Strain Relief / Fan-out Kit
  • Plenum or Riser Rated Cable
  • Breakout or Distribution Style Cable
  • Pulling Eye and Protective Connector Sleeve (opt)

Optical Parameters

Spec Value
Insertion Loss UPC or APC (Singlemode) .30 dB (typ), .50 dB (max)
Return Loss (Singlemode Only) UPC > 55 dB
APC (Singlemode) > 65 dB
Endface Geometry Fiber Height -50 nm < x < 50 nm
Radius 7 mm < R < 35 mm
Apex Offset x < 50 um


Refer to the MPS-1500 Data Sheet for full specifications.