Singlemode, Simplex Optical Jumper Cable

MPS-1000 Singlemode, Simplex Optical Jumper Cables and Pigtails utilize TLC’s Gigabit Cable which is made with Corning InfiniCor high performance fiber. They are offered with two different brands of connectors; our Corning line is built using Corning connectors while our Value line uses quality non-Corning connectors at a substantial discount. Every assembly exceeds Telcordia standards and is individually tested for insertion and return loss. The assemblies are offered with a plenum or riser-rated 3mm, 2mm, 1.8mm or 1.6mm jacketed fiber or 900um buffered fiber. They can be supplied at any length either as a complete jumper or as a pigtail. Please call us for immediate assistance.
MPS-1000 Singlemode, Simplex Optical Jumper Cable
MPS-1000 Singlemode, Simplex Optical Jumper
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  • Insertion and Return Loss Tested
  • Serialized and Individual Test Records
  • Guaranteed Zero Defects
  • Meets Telcordia Endface Geometry Requirements
  • Custom Configurations Available at No Extra Charge
  • One-Year Warranty

Optical Parameters

Spec Value
Insertion Loss UPC or APC .30 dB (typ), .50 dB (max)
Return Loss UPC > 55 dB
APC > 65 dB
Endface Geometry Fiber Height -50 nm <= x <= 50 nm
Radius 7 mm < R < 35 mm
Apex Offset x < 50 um


Refer to the MPS-1000 Data Sheet for full specifications.