Fiber Josh's Corner

Fiber Friday

I’m always trying to get in front of a good marketing campaign, and look, how can I compete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? [Have I set the hook?] Well, we have made it through another week! What to do! Shall we prep ourselves to settle into the couch for a lazy weekend of Netflix and cleaning out our DVR? (Hmm….If we call it “cleaning”, does it count as housework? Can we convince our friends that we were busy with chores?) Perhaps we will ignite the back yard fire pit and stream some music to our phones as we enjoy the fall weather with a loved one or friend? Or better yet, let’s hop in the car and use our GPS to navigate to some garage sales so we get some real good deals (my mother is a huge fan of “chachkie hunting” (and my posts)! Standby, here’s where I reel you in…..well….. did you know that ALL these things can be done thanks to modern technology and the advancement of fiber optics. So no matter what you “priorit-ized” for this weekend, think about how it is or could be “fiber-ized!”