About MPS Fiber Optics

MPS Fiber Optics is committed to the highest quality standards which are achieved by way of a highly skilled workforce, state of the art test, measurement and inspection equipment, and over 15 years of organic research and development. These organizational and institutional facets ensure that all products, standard or custom, satisfy the customer’s requirement for reliable connectivity.

Here’s how we do it at MPS Fiber Optics

  • MPS Fiber Optics developed methods, engineering practices, and Q&A Standards far beyond industry standards.
  • MPS Fiber Optics work force is trained and motivated to achieve excellence every day.
  • MPS Fiber Optics Streamlines production. Our production methods focus on quality, reliability, and speed which achieves excellence and shorter lead times.
  • MPS Fiber Optics Client based business practices focus on customers’ needs and wants.
  • MPS Fiber Optics main markets are Contractors, Military, Telecommunications, Intelligence Agencies, Resellers/Distributors, Cable TV Companies, Research and Development, Education, Security, Governmental Agencies, and Educational Institutions.

Our Markets Include

  • Terrestrial Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • UAVs
  • Commercial Broadcast

Our Customers Include

  • Research and Development Engineers
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Cable Television Operators
  • Wireless Installers
  • Network Designers
  • RF Engineers
  • DOD Prime Subcontractors
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